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XDJ RX2 USB Issues

So I got the RX2 last week and haven't been able to use it in standalone mode. It's been super frustrating - I've tried three different usb stick (32gb Kingston DT50, 128gb SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1, and 1tb SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD, all formatted to FAT32) and I've synced the libraries and analyses via sync manager. Firmware has been updated to the latest Ver. 1.41 as well. When I plug a usb into either slot it recognizes the number of songs, playlists and storage (even the background color I selected on rekordbox) but when I select the USB the touchscreen is blank as if there are no songs on the stick with no categories to choose from. I can use it with my laptop but the whole point of purchasing it was to use it with a usb. 

Any suggestions?

Seva Galitskiy

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If you're exporting on a Mac running Big Sur 11.5.x, the problem could be the OS. See this topic first, if that's not the problem, post a video of the steps you're taking on the unit so we can pass it to the engineers if required.


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