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Once again, poor (no) communication from Pioneer non XDJ-XZ

As I expected because of previous non communications from Pioneer DJ, the XDJ-XZ has not shipped after the 2nd push back date.  But, whatever the issues are in getting these out the door is one thing but the non existent communication from Pioneer is worse than poor, again, it's non existent.  The retailer I ordered from is clueless as they have no word from Pioneer after 2 missed shipments.  I ordered the XZ on June 8th and at this time the non communication from Pioneer is pushing me to the brink on my loyalty to this brand.  The viewers of my live DJ stream can't wait to hear the answer I get this time as the last one was, rude, condescending and bullying.  I'd get over the delay I guess if I had a straight answer.  Anyone?

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I'm sorry, the forums team does not have access to that information. Please contact the support team via the contact methods listed on your confirmation email for additional information with your order.

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