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DDJ-400 Channel lights flashing and unable to be recognised by rekordbox

I have just about tried everything to fix this problem from Reddit to the official helpline and nothing has worked.

I had a PC build that ran Rekordbox/DDJ400 fine with absolutely zero problems, recently I have built an entirely new build and have not been able to get my DDJ to connect/use.

It will make a device connected noise when plugged into the PC sometimes and will even show up in my audio devices sometimes. The only thing that will turn on the deck is the channel level lights and they will just blink/flash forever. 

I have reinstalled Rekordbox multiple times, I have updated my bios/chipset/audio drivers and I seem to get hung up on the firmware updates for my DDJ.

I will receive this error just bout every time I get through the install, recently I've been getting "Your DDJ-400 is not connected. Error ID: 0x0E21" errors now which makes me start to think it's a hardware issue with the deck itself as I have tried it with another cable. Plus have tried every other USB on my pc.

PC Specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 3500X
GeForce GTX 1660 (Gigabyte)
16GB Corsair RAM
Windows/Rekordbox installed on same SSD
Windows 10 64bit.

Thanks in advance, at my ends with this deck and ready to cut my losses and toss it out.

Kody Williams Répondu

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There is a firmware or hardware issue with your DDJ; it shouldn't be showing 0.03, and if it's not updating following the normal methods, you'll need to send it for servicing, in which case contact a Pioneer DJ authorized service centre in your region to have your hardware inspected and/or repaired

Or if you're within the return period of your retailer, take it back for an exchange.

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