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Toraiz SP16

I just received my SP16 today!!! I've been reading a lot and I haven't found this feature as of yet. Can you add an equal amount of Negative Swing? My TR8S has this in the form of a SHUFFLE knob. I can add shuffle and take away shuffle of the equal amount. For creating grooves this one feature (negative shuffle) can really transform a groove in a very wonderfully killing way!!! Having this one feature would be awesome!

Thank you for listening! 

Best and stay well!

Roland Guerin




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Hi Roland, 

Thank you for brining this up!

The SP-16, like most hardware sequencers has shuffle only in the positive direction. However, you do have OFFSET per step, which can be dialed in the negative direction, and when dialing, if you don't hold down any particular sequencer step, it will affect all notes, which gets very interesting.

You could, for example, use one particular track to just play hi hats on your offbeats (steps 2, 4, 6, 8, etc) then offset them forward or backward in time as a group, essentially doing something similar to the TR8S.

Rhythm Droid
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Also, if you enjoy deeper levels of control with sequencing, like odd timing, negative swing, etc. the Toraiz Squid can control a ton of MIDI hardware, modular gear, and your VST instruments all at once and the sequencer goes well beyond TR-8S's capabilities.

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