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WEGO3 and DJC-WECAI30 cable - a cheaper solution......

Having investigated this a lot, having recently got a WEGO3, the only information I could find anywhere online says you must use the Pioneer DJC-WECAI30 cable (with an adaptor to suit the newer ipads).

There is another solution that does not involve the stupidly expensive, and now rare as hens teeth, proprietary cable that I've discovered (seeing as I can't get the DJC-WECAI30 cable here in the UK for love nor money, and the only option is buying from the US at a cost of £40-£50 which is daft and only £20 shy of what I paid for the WEGO3!).

This solution also doesn’t need a 30pin to lighting adaptor either, so saves another £20 or so.

It works on my 5th gen iPad with lighting connector, and a WEGO3 running DJAY for ipad,

You can use one of these:


If the above isn't available in your country, just check that whatever one you get also audio through it.

So the WEGO unit connects to this, and both the ipad and the WEGO are powered by either the ipad mains supply, or even a portable power bank.

What I did discover was that initially it the iPad didn't recognise anything - but seems that there's some glitch where if the ipad mains power is connected to the adatpro first, before you connect the WEGO (or any other USB device), that seemed to cause it problems.  I tried a number of times, and then think the issue was the ipad/adaptor/wego connections needed to be made first, and then connect the power supply.  Either way, all works perfectly, and keeps the ipad powered at the same time.

Thought I'd share my experience, as there's precious little information on the matter, and all I'd seen was people being told they needed the WECAI30 cable.

Russell Jones

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