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Tags on XDJ 1000, navigation, and connecting pc

Hey I got recently a pair of XDJ 1000, and I have some questions:

- I find all my music folders on " playlist " on the XDJ, the problem is that I have only thee taglist: illutration, trackname, and comment). I would like to get artist, trackname, comment, and bpm (if I can have 4 tags, it will be perfect) for this playlist folder. how I fix that ?

- Second thing, I would like to know if it's possible to navigate faster with the navigate knob. Because I have a big playlist of music, and the screen is not even tactile like the sc5000 from Denon, who was really good for scroll the playlist.

- Last thing, I've tried to connect my pc directly to the XDJs via USB. But I couldn't realise it. Someone can tell me how to do it ? my table is an Allen & Heath xone DB4, but I guess it's change nothing.




Florian Cuisnier

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