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Second hand ddj 400 license hardware unlock rekordbox 6


I'm looking into buying a second hand DDJ 400 but I'm wondering:

1) say that the seller used the key in rekordbox 5.x, will I be able to use the hardware unlock in rekordbox 6?

2) same question for Rekordbox 6: what if the user hardware unlocked with the DDJ 400 on his account. Will I be able to use the hardware unlock?

3) I have a laptop and a desktop, can I use the hardware unlock on multiple devices?

4) When I succesfully unlocked to performance version, can I still use the performance version when the DDJ is not connected, or do I need an unlock every time that I want to use rekordbox 6?

Thanks for the info!

Kind regards,
Pieter Rogge

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1) Hardware unlock with the DDJ-400; no license key required.

2) It doesn't matter, the unlock follows the hardware. No hardware connected = no unlock.

3) Yep, see #2.

4) Yes, performance mode is free for mouse/keyboard use, but some other functions are disabled. You need to have the controller connected to use the functions which are enabled by that device.

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