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DDJ-SR2 Burned Out! Trying to figure out why....


I'm a DJ'ing novice, but I've spent a lot of time around DJ's helping them set up, connect everything, and prepare for shows. So when I set up I didn't think there would be any issues, but I caused my DJ controller to burn out (sent in for repairs under warranty). After speaking with fellow DJ's they all said that I did everything right, and it shouldn't have happened from what they understood.

How I set things up:
I had to use an extension cord (10-12 guage, 50 ft) and I plugged in a Furman SS-6B, for power cleaning and to plug multiple items into.
I plugged two Alto TS315's, an EV EKX-18SP, my laptop, and the DDJ-SR2 into the Furman power cleaner. Everything appeared to power fine, and I had no issues

I plugged quite a bit into the controller:
A microphone into the unbalanced mic port, my headphones in the front port, the two speakers in the XLR output ports, connected my phone using the RCA inputs in channel 1, and the sub was connected using an RCA to XLR adapter to the RCA output. Started playing the gig, and there appeared to be no issues, and everything seemed to be working fine.

But, part way through the gig, I smelled that wonderful electronic burning smell. I'd played a gig before using the same equipment minus the sub and no issues. But, I also had to adjust the master volume knob all the way up anytime I used my phone (long story why, but it automatically turned the volume down to "safe levels" so everything was super quiet). I swapped between playing songs from my phone and Serato, and when I switched back to Serato, I would adjust the master volume back down to a little above center.

One of my DJ buddies has an SX2, and he sets everything up basically the exact same way, with the sub coming out of the RCA port and speakers connecting to the XLR ports. So I didn't think there would be an issue, but that's why I'm here!

So the questions I have:
1) Was I okay plugging the subwoofer into the RCA port using the RCA to XLR adapter, or should I connect it via another method
2) Any ideas on what caused the electronic burning?
I ended up losing all output from the left channel and the cue buttons stopped working entirely. Anytime a cue button was activated, it would actually play the music louder through the speakers and if I deactivated it, the music would play through the speakers. So either way it made no real difference pressed or not.

I read through the manual (both the PDF online and the one that came with it) and I didn't see anything mentioned about properly connecting speakers and other items through the XLR and RCA outputs on the back at the same time.

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!!

Mike Jensen

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In case it is affecting it, the cables I conneted all the speakers with were:
*2-25ft LiveWire Elite (XLR to XLR) to the speakers
*1-6ft RCA to XLR adapter & 1-15ft LiverWire Elite (XLR to XLR) to connect the subwoofer.
-- I did that to mitigate any time difference between the speaker and sub
*USB Cable that came with the controller to connect to the laptop
*Headphone jack to RCA adapter and lightning to headphone jack adapter to connect phone
*XLR to TR cable for microphone

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