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DDJ-RZX no sound on internal mixer (no sound from Reckordbox DJ)

Hey guys, it`s my first interaction ever on a forum, so sorry if i`ve done anything wrong...
My DDJ-RZX suddenly stopped outputting audio coming from Rekordbox DJ, if i plug anyhing on any of the imputs and put it on the external mixer (CD or PHONO) it works perfectly.
The Controller connects to the computer, you can control every thing on the software but the audio doesn't comes out neither on the master out, booth nor the phones.
The drivers and firmware are all up to date and i already gone thru all the obvious configurations on the software (like select outputs and etc...) and cheked all the controls for audio exits.
Please, if anyone knows what i can do to use this masterpiece of a DJ equipment again, i would be extremely glad!!!

Thing already tried:
Reinstal all the drivers
Reinstal Reckordbox DJ
Reinstal Windows 
Change USB cables and ports 
Starting on admnistrator mode
Changing the windows audio output

PC config:
Microsoft Surface Book 2:
16gb of ram
Gtx 1050

Luis Felipe Ghislandi

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