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Pioneer ddj-400 noise

Hi all!

When I connect the usb of my DDJ-400, I start to hear background noise. When it's on stand-by or when it's brighter, that sound sounds louder. The sound varies a bit when I move the mouse. This noise is like some electrical interference.

It is not the sound that I have read in some forums that comes from the microphone. The volume of the microphone is "- infinity".

According to a forum, I have manufactured a cable with the electrical wires separated from the data wires, leading the electrical wires to a direct usb and connected to the electricity through a charger. The noise continues to play.

According to another forum, I have changed the USB cable for a new one made with Ferrite. The noise continues to play.

I don't know what else to do, that noise shouldn't exist.

Do you recommend something?

Thank you very much and sorry for my English, I have used the translator.


EDIT: I have the speakers connected through the MASTER output

Jose Fernandez Gomez

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I resolve the problem with a separated cable (electrical wires separated from the data wires) with another charger and now the noise not exist. Manufactors of Pioneer, new DDJ-400 don't must to have this noise!!

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