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DDJ FLX6 no audio

Hello, I've bought a brand new DDJ FLX6 recently, and the first time I used it it worked as it should've. The day after, I couldn't hear any audio. Yes, I've already tried changing the audio settings in rekordbox a thousand times, I've set everything as it should be, watched every tutorial about that. But I think that the problem is in the console. I've tried installing Serato and no audio came out with that either. I'm 99% sure my PC isn't the problem because it's one of the latest i7 laptops, with Windows 10 on it. Please help me, I don't know what to do. Thanks.

Marco Viviani Répondu

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"Latest" as in 11th gen Intel CPU?

Go to the manufacturer's support page and look for a BIOS update and driver updates ...  or uninstall the Intel audio drivers; they're preventing 3rd party audio / MIDI devices from being recognized by the system.

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