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DDJ SX3 failed to connect audio ! in Serato, no audio through channels

Hi there,

I am have issues with my Serato and DDJ-SX3. I am on 2019 macbook pro with an intel i9 running Big Sur 11.6
When I am in the program with no software attached, I can't get the audio to play out of the internal macbook speakers. Beyond that, every time I start up the program with the DDJ-SX3 connected or connect the DDJ-SX3 while the program is loaded, it looks like the hardware loads up for a second (aka it flashes to the 2 deck setup) then at the bottom it says "error: failed to connect audio !" and then quickly goes back to a one deck setup as if no hardware is connected. I checked my sound preferences in my mac and the DDJ-SX3 comes up there as an option, so it IS recognized. I updated to the latest version of serato dj (2.5.7) and loaded the newest firmware for it (1.02, it already had it on there but I just did it again). I tried uninstalling the drivers and then reinstalling. I did not see any prompt in system preferences to not allow Pioneer. I looked in system info software disabled and did not see anything related to Pioneer.
Because it is a 2019 macbook with only usb-c, I connect from a usb-c to a usb-b, I've tried all ports and different cables.

I had a wedding this weekend that was disasterous as this was working fine a week ago. I have another wedding on Friday that I am djing so I am desperate for this to work. Please help. Thanks!!! -Zack
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