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DDJ SX Died after update finished

So i got a used DDJ-SX. 

2 Hours agoo i plugged it in. Tried it a bit. Feelt the buttons was somewhat "laggy". Sometimes i pushed and nothing happend, sometimes it registered 2 times. 

So i decided to update it from 1.05 to 1.07. 
Everything worked, it reaches 100% and then it just died. 
Ive tried unplugging power, wating for 1, 5 and 10 min. Dont help. 
I can see with a tool the powersupplie has power (dont know how mutch), but worked fine before upgrade. 

Also tried booting up in updatemode, but nothing happens, and no LEDs are showing. 

So what can have happend ?  

I feel a bit robbed on my "new" controller.

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Glad it was just the power adapter!

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So i bought another power adapter. The brand new one "Pioneer DDJ-SX Replacement " stopped working just as it restarted after upgrade.  Bought a more expensive one and now its working again.  <3

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