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How to move cue point in DDJ 1000?

So, on a CDJ the two 'search' buttons right above the cue button, can be used to move the cue point. That's what I do when I'm playing. I select the song>hit the search button> use the jog wheel to place the cue exactly at the transient start of the 1st beat of a bar of my choice and then mix.
I just got the DDJ 1000 and I can't seem to move the cue point like that. If I hit the search button it jumps too the next track directly. If I double click the play button I have the option to use the jog wheel to move the cue through the track but it's sound's like vinyl scrubbing. So it's not easy to locate the transient of the beat. How to make is transient scrubbing?
Any help please?
sagar shah

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