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Problem Crash Recordbox

Hi, today I bought a DJM S11, connected the mixer to the Mac and used Recordbox ver.6.5.3.
Then I updated the DJM Firware to the latest version 1.03, the mixer software update did it automatically to version 1.0.10, but unfortunately Recordbox does not open anymore and closes suddenly.I also updated the Mac to Catalina version 10.15.7



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There is an OpenGL issue in the recent Catalina update is being tracked by our engineers, and they've provided a work-around until they're able to patch the issue on our end:

Open the Finder, from the menu at the top of the screen, click Go > Go to Folder... and copy/paste this into the box:

~/Library/Application Support/Pioneer/

Find the rekordbox3.settings file and right-click > Open With > TextEdit (if TextEdit isn't on the list, click Other then find it on the list and click Open).Before you do anything, open the TextEdit preferences and uncheck the Smart quotes preference at the lower left, then close the preferences.

Find the following string: BasicOpenGL

You'll see this line highlighted:

<VALUE name="BasicOpenGL" val="0"/>

Change the 0 to 1. 

Save the file and close TextEdit, then try launching rekordbox again.

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I've the same problem with my RB6 on MAC Catalina 10.15.7.. The last update was yesterday. RB started up but after two seconds crashed.. Please for solution. Thanks. Jakub, CZECH

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