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We want side-by-side waveforms in Rekordbox!!!

Hi all, I hope this link works? It's regarding getting side-by-side waveforms applied to Rekordbox. I have no doubt that it would be widely welcomed but Pioneer DJ is claiming that it doesn't have enough demand... Hmm, that could also be from not enough of us standing up and having our say!? Do you think it would be a good feature? Somehow think that it certainly wouldn't hurt and there could possibly be massive potential. Especially for those needing to go from controller to something like club gear. Such a feature would surely take some stress and concern off many up and coming DJ's minds! The link below should take you to a discussion that started back in 2019 about this and I'm personally surprised that nothing has been done about even approaching such a potentially fantastic idea. Be nice to see if this catches on and we can get Pioneer DJ to surprise us with a game changing feature. https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360047859591-Suggestion-Side-by-Side-Waveform-View-with-mockup?input_string=We%20want%20side-by-side%20waveforms%20in%20Rekordbox!!!
Ian Sinclair

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