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I'm looking for some advice from someone with expertise on Rekordbox.
Currently, I use Rekordbox 5.
My main machine is a 2015 MacBook Pro with a 500gb drive and has the main tracks I require - around 7,000
My backup machine also has Rekordbox 5 - a 2010 MacBook Pro with a 1Tb drive, containing about 40,000 tracks (and contains most of the tracks that are on the main Mac, except for tracks purchased in the last 2 years).
Because the 2 Rekordbox directories on these 2 macs contain different libraries, I've never found a way of syncing them.
In an ideal world I'd like everything on the main Mac to be backed up to the backup Mac (including metadata), but I don't want all the contents of the backup Mac on the main Mac as the hard drive isn't big enough to contain all of the tracks.
My question is; with the back up capabilities of Rekordbox 6, plus the options of cloud storage etc, is there a way I could have ALL of the tracks on the main Mac, including its metadata to sync with the backup Mac, whether that be done directly, or via the cloud/DropBox?

Tony Winyard

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