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DJM-450 DVS performance does not work in Rekordbox (Catalina OS)


Hello Pioneer team,

I have tried all of the all troubleshooting procedures available.  Ive read through the rekordbox dvs setup guide multiple times. However, I am unable to get rekordbox to recognize the control vinyl phono signal. It does recognize the DJM 450 as a sound card but I cant control anything with my turntables in rekordbox. I made sure phono was selected in djm 450 utility and also in rekordbox preferences. I made sure the turntables were plugged into the correct phono inputs. I have the mixer source switch selected to usb/computer for rekordbox control. I am running the most recent firmware updates (for my macbook pro running catalina  macOS) and latest updates version 1.06 for the djm 450. Also i made sure my security updates for catalina os were up to date. I also checked the apple mac security settings to make sure there was no block in the download/installation of drivers. When I go into the dvs tab, all i see is a small green dot in the middle of both deck graphs. Changing the settings/size and parameters in these graphs have no effect. I am using rekordbox timecode vinyl. Please help.
Roger Kormann

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