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Song selection on jog display on DDJ 1000

Since I bought my DDJ 1000 I dream with the possibility of browsing my songs on the jog display.

It's really terrible to have to look at the notebook. It's the only thing that forces me to look out of the controller... can't understand why Pioneer doesnt make this.

I totally don't agree that it would be hard to read... We have a full jog display.. It could just change it to a view where we could roll between the nexts tracks. Just this.. is not ask too much Pioneer... DDJ1000 is a really nice controller... it almost let me play without having to look at notebook... but the song selection is terrible without this possibility...

I really believe it would help not only me, but everyone on their songs selection without too many distractions.

Is there any possibility Pioneer? You suggest us to feedback your product, but it never gets really on the software thinking.. it's so easy to make it... :(

Victor Yamakado

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