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Changing the WAV-Header to meet CDJs standard

For the issue see the topics about E-8305: Unsupported File Format

Whenever a WAV-File is encoded through ffmpeg it has the value 65534 (or HEX: FE FF) written in the format tag. This stands for WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE.
Rekordbox and the CDJs expect 1 (or 01 00)  - this stands for PCM.

You can simply change the value to 01 00 in a hex-editor to fix this. But wouldnt it be nice to have a dialog popping up in rekordbox and the option to do exactly this within rekordbox?

"Caution: You imported a file with the _EXTENSIBLE Tag, do you want to change it to PCM for CDJ support?".

I kinda get, that 24bit PCM was a thing for years, however ffmpeg refer to Microsofts description of the WAV File Format, which says everything higher than 16bits must have the format _EXTENSIBLE

See discussion here: 

Now the problem is that Bitwig now moved to ffmpeg for exporting tracks aswell, meaning every 24bit WAV exported from Bitwig is not supported by rekordbox/Pioneer CDJs. The same issue exists with files bough of bandcamp.


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