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Aloha Pioneer fans&support,

Facing an issue here...
Recently i got myself a Pioneer Rekordbox Interface2 card with the idea to use the DVS/Timecode vinyls on my PLX1000's with my 750MK2.
I am successfully connecting the RCA cables to the mixer&interface. Everything is showing green. I can hear the "blank" tone, but my RB is not recognizing either the mixer&interface 2 card...
I downloaded the latest drivers for the 750mk2, without luck.
Payed for the new RB version ... still no luck.
Never activated the DVX RB code, but i am having the latest&greates RB...

Half of the guides that i am clicking in the Pioneer website, are not opening from my MacOS, but i can review them on my workstation(win10).

I am connecting the mixer&interface2 to aa Macbookpro with the M1 chip and i recently upgraded to the BigSur 11.6.1 version.
Is this MAC OS compatibility issue or i am missing something... ?

The end goal is to use my pair NXS2, with my PLX1000 pair , all connected to the 750mk2 and get the tracks from the mac running RB simultaneously.

Thanks in advance.


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Also forgot to add that i never found a step-by-step article how to activate the DVS feature in the new RB...

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Hi Trybo,

Did you connect the turntables to the IF2's inputs and the outputs from the IF2 to the mixer's LINE inputs?

Did you set the IF2 as the audio device in rekordbox?

Do you see the green circles on the DVS tab in rekordbox?

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