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Issues with track analysis URGENT


I have been trying for ages to get my usb to work in some cdj 2000's. Literally everytime i plug the usb in none of the songs are analysed and not in playlists. However, when I plug the usb into my laptop the songs and playlists are all there.  I've gone through and reanalysed all the tracks I needed for the usb, wiped the usb, reformatted it and re-exported the tracks (literally in the studio) and still nothing. I've had 2 different usb's do this. I've literally only ever had one USB work where I could use beat sync and what not. I literally cant mix without the tracks being analysed because even if i try and beat match by ear the bpm drifts by about 3-5 every couple of seconds. I've just bought a new usb and I don't want to touch it until i figure out if I'm doing something wrong. Can anyone help me please.

Ruby Monaghan

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