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"Unable to open database file" on fresh install of Rekordbox 6

Hello, truely lost for words on this one. Using different versions of rekordbox 6 for my troubleshooting (6.0.0-6.6.0). I only use export mode for rekordbox.


New Device: 2021 Macbook Pro M1 Max. MacOS Monterey

Old Device: 2016 Macbook Pro TB. MacOS Monterey


I want to move my current rekordbox library over to my new Mac but it seems to be impossible.

My first objective: Backup library from old device

Does not work. When I go into Menu Bar > File > Library > Backup Library, and DO NOT include music files, it will back up the collection up to 3% and crash Rekordbox with the error "Unable to open database file. Exit Rekordbox".

After this error, the next option is to "restore library using backup Master Database" - I'd like to add that "restore" in this error is misspelled as "resotore". I find this very unprofessional for a global DJ software company.

"Resotoring" my backup library asks me to restart rekordbox again, I do and nothing happens and the cycle continues.

I can successfully export using XML


My second objective: backup everything under <username>/Library/Pioneer. Transfer it the new machine. Do a fresh install of rekordbox and restore backup using XML or from scratch.

DOES. NOT. WORK. Deleting/moving all mention of rekordbox under Library/Pioneer and Library/Application Support and then install Rekordbox FRESH. Opening rekordbox for the first time it "prepares" to create a database and FAILS "Unable to open database file. Exit rekordbox"

I can literally see the Pioneer folder getting created with a new .settings, .db and .edb files when I open rekordbox for the first time. Once I start rekordbox and select empty library or continue, it says "Preparing", and it fails...

This means that just the install of rekordbox from scratch is failing let alone trying to restore a database. I've also had an error saying that RekordboxAgent is being an issue. I do not have a VPN or firewall on this machine.

This is beyond me. I don't know why a fresh install would break so easily.



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Sorry, macOS Monterey is not supported at this time. Please see this news article.

If you still have issues using Big Sur, or after Monterey is officially supported, I'll ask you to file an inquiry ticket here and our support team will gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue.


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