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Pioneer rekordbox adds a folder automatically to and USB stick drive i put in my PC? Is this a normal thing?

I've noticed that Pioneer is adding a folder on any USB stick drive I put into my PC instantly as soon as its inserted. Even if the drive is blank or even if it has files that have absolutely nothing to do with rekordbox or music whatsoever. The file tree its adding is...Pioneer folder with files DEVSETTING.DAT and djprofile.nxs..... then a rekordbox folder...two files in that folder called....export.pbd and exportExt.pbd. I'll admit that I am newer to rekordbox as a program so I'm still learning a lot of the settings and features and if this is a dumb question then I'm sorry. This has been doing this from the first day of instal. 

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Perfectly normal - either close rekordbox or delete the folder if it's on a drive you don't use with a CDJ / XDJ.

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