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Help With Setup of Pioneer Toraiz Squid, SP 16 & AS1

HI, I hope Someone here could please help or point me in the right Direction. I have looked all over google and the Manuals but still do not seem to get everything setup...

I would just like to setup My Squid to control My SP 16 and AS1, I have all the Correct cables Connected but for some reason cannot get the squid to control the orther 2 devices?

Can anyone please assist or give me a link so that I can know how to do this?





DJ Zafrica Répondu

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Hi Lee, I have contacted you through the support desk. We'll get you sorted out. = )


Rhythm Droid
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Hello, could you please post the answer here so I can also set up my squid, as1 and sp16, I also have ableton live on a windows 10 pc, and an ipad pro if you could show me the basic setup and a more complex setup I'd appreciate it.
Many Thanks Dave

David Glass 0 votes
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