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Feature Request: Rekordgbox - Wildcards for Search Filter


it would be very helpful if you would allow using wildcards in "Filter Search"  (no regex, just the simple one)

? or + or % = one character is arbitary

*                  = n characters are arbitary


due to reorg my music in categories outside of Rekordbox via other tools, every piece of music contains a Column that has several Attributes in different order like




by using "*deep*"  User is able to get everything that is deep.

Well, I could do similar thing using your predifined and/or customizable Fields (MY TAG COLUMS), but these Informations are not written to the underlying file,  due to flexibility and not only having this info in REKORDBOX ... I prefer to have this in file.

thanks for taking in consideration






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It already allows for that...

Just type a partial search term and you'll find it matches anywhere.

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thanks for your reply. Actually as far as I know the "SEARCH FILTER" Function is a full scan of (I assume every or nearly every Column that user has the ability to show himself gets "searched through"

So if I search "deep" or " deep " , i get also Result-Rows that I would not expect. or want to see


the first row I did not want ... (because I just want my SEARCH FOCUS on "FIELD IPUT my CATEGORIE IN"  not on the "Full Table Scan" (alot of False-Positiv Result-rows)


Maybe this would also a solution: ADDING a WHERE to search Possibility

+ FULL Table SCAN (like actually implemented)

* Searching in N-Specific Table Colums definable by user


with wildcards (a little bit more finer filtering would be possible

(of course depending on how the "organisation" has been done)

(i took DOS CMD SHell for the example)


nearly every Programming Language offers support for Wildcard for Strings.

or offers "Out of the box" REGEX ... so there should not much afford to implent just:

- mapping Searchstring Wildcard 2 Programming-language Wildcards

- search in Database (SQL (if you use) has % and ? (and more)

But Maybe  this could have a sideeffect on "Performance" ... Search last longer.

hmmm the right Wildcard-Token ?

a bit unclear .. grmpf


for WIN "?"  "*" would be fine

LINUX/UNIX... allows nearly everything

APPLE    -> seems also "taking" everything

thanks for your effort



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You can constrain the search within the search box drop-down:

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Hello Support,

ups I need some reading glases *zwinker .. .thanks for your Hint ... this helps a lot.

I`ll will close this thread, hopping my Idea of having Wildcards or maybee Regex in the FILTER SEARCH will be added in a future relase

thanks for your support


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