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Rekordbox memory bug


I have some problems with rekordbox using the cues, hotcues and loops. Since I do backups and just touch the master.db file (copying the file is enough to trigger the problem), rekordbox loses the ability to use my saved cues, hotcues and loops until I set a new cue point. I can see my saved points in the preview waveform, but the rekordbox player don't show them until I hit memory. After that they suddendly appear again. Is this a known issue? I just can't touch every single track with hotcues to use them in performance mode. CDJs read the information just fine and I can use them, even in Export Mode.

Version 6.6.1, but the bug exists for a very long time. It wasn't present in rekordbox 5.


Here is a video:



I hope you get that fixed.

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