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Rekordbox playlist restore


I managed to delete a playlist and would very much like to recover it. Having looked at solutions I have found the datafile.edb but as you can see was last changed nearly a year ago. The master.backup.db however is very recent. Can I restore a playlist by using master.backup.db instead of what looks like an old datafile.edb?

Also, how to I actually do it? Double click thee file? Or navigate to it via Rekordbox? Or just select restore at log in?




neil hinchley

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Just rename the master.db to master.current and then rename the backup that you want to use to master.db

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PS I suspect master.backup from 08:44 is the version with the deleted playlist. Whilst I have certainly been using Rekordbox since 11 December, I think thats the safest version to restore to capture the playlist and not miss anything too important from this weeks activities. 

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