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forum login issue ...suggestion upgrade this site.

Pioneer is a much bigger company that serato yet the forum activity and community is pretty small.  Why because this site is horrible and plagued with login issue.   Pioneer will say is your browser security..  If so than why do i not have problem on the serato forum or ableton forum or pretty much any other support forum?   

Pioneer needs to take this forum on a different platform.    This is really hurting the overall Pioneer community and ultimately products and sales. 

Please fix.. 

Troy Michael Répondu

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The problem is not the forum, but the change in browser security regarding cookies / data. If you change the security settings on this site to allow 3rd party cookies and cross-domain data, it will work properly.

You should do that as well as clear the existing cookies and cache for:


Doing so will result in the ability to login here and any of our sites without issue.

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This engine for the forum is a disaster. Also I'm always lost here and needing to find this page. It's constanly suffering from cookie issues and redirect errors causing chrome to block the page completely. 

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