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DJM S11 (We are totally neglected by Pioneer dj)

 We are totally neglected by Pioneer dj....

The djm s11 has had problems for more than a year and they haven't solved any of them!


When i Using the DJM-s11, as the usb card of my macbook pro (2018-6 core-16Gb) loses the audio connection many times...

I have to turn off the mixer or unplug the usb cable, so that the usb connection is restored and play the computer audio again, where more fails to play music from youtube, but it also gives me the same problem when I use it as an audio card for Ableton or system (Youtube, Spoty, etc.)

I already had this problem in Mojave, I upgraded to Big Sur and I still have the same problem ...I've had quite a few audio cards(Rane, Native instruments, Focusrite, etc)  and mixers with built-in audio card and only the DJM-S11 gives me these kinds of problems ...


My Smooth Echo settings and Touch Fxs are constantly erased!
Almost every time I turn on the mixer, I have to adjust the settings again!
It is very tedious not to have immediacy when working and having to adjust everything constantly!
Luckily, it still keeps the crossfader settings for me...


Crossfader Reverse Causing Cue Fader Reverse Too...this is inconceivable! Totally absurd "Hamster mode" for cue!
I don't know who came up with such a disastrous idea :(

@ the Pioneer Support It is a shame that a mixer of almost 2000 euros, has such a bad support service.
I can't understand how they don't solve these problems in one of their top of the range products!
I love this mixer but this make me consider going back to Rane!   Do you really need more than a year of time to fix these bugs? Other users and i have been reporting these problems on the forum for more than a year, but nothing has been solved...

Best regards.

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I'm sorry you feel we've neglected you, but there are a lot of things that are still in the works for the DJM-S11.

The audio crashes could be for a number of reasons, but I'm not going to dig into them here as it's easier to go through that with one of our service techs in a ticket here. I'll point out that there are plenty of S11 users who are not having the problems you describe.

The settings storage and crossfader / cue reverse are coming in a future update.

Thank you for your patience.

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