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Pioneer DJM T1 Driver update for OSX Monterrey 12.1

Hello Pioneer, I know its a discontinued Product and wish I had the money to replace this DJM T1 to use the functionality I have been using it for which is Timecoding with my Technics Turntables. but unfortunately I can't use this function since I updated the OSX on my macbook computer. Here i am  kindly asking if your Engineer can please update it, so it can work again, I love this mixer so much and would like to still keep using it. My request is to please update the DJM-T1 Setting Utility to work under this OSX. everything works great when it comes to Audio playback and buttons with Traktor, The only issue is the routing for my Technics DVS toggle. when I try to open it I get the following message

I know I might not even get a response due to my vintage mixer, but you built a great lasting mixer and still sounds awesome and will be great if you could please update it for one last time, Promise this is the last time hehehe. anyhow:

Thank you very much for your merit.


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Sorry, the DJM-T1 is long discontinued and no support or updates are available or planned. There are community posts where others have been able to get things to work. Thanks you for your understanding.

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