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Left jog wheel responds to touch, but does not scratch nor speed up or slow down. DDJ-400

My right jog wheel works fine, but when i try to scratch on the left it doesn't work

If i put my hand on the jog wheel it does stop the song, and if i zoom in on the waveform i can see it jiggling very slightly back and forth when i try to spin the wheel. Scratching sound is also produced but it won't move from the original spot.

If i use shift it starts moving in the direction im spinning, but then after a while moves back to the starting position. 

It is not an issue with gounding and also not a power issue. 

I have reset the controller, pc and rekordbox individually and nothing worked.

The Controller doesn't seem to have taken any physical damage, and i have not personally damaged it since i received it.

Tobias Kjær

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Do you have it set to scratch/vinyl mode on that particular deck?

DeeJae GodsOwn 0 votes
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You know if the vinyl mode is enabled if there is a blue ring inside the jog within rekordbox.

Pulse 0 votes
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