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Brand new XDJ-RX3 Issues

Just bought an XDJ-RX3 brand new last week.

Is it normal for waveforms to take up to 30 seconds to load?
When it does this on 2 or three tracks, the buttons at the top of the unit become un responsive, when they do respond browsing the USB has the spinning wheel, the unit seems to grind down like a slow computer. Pressing stop doesn't work, the unit just grinds to a halt like an old slow computer. 

I thought it might be my USB's, so i bought a brand new Sandisk Extreme Pro USB stik today, prior i tried regular drives, and even a 500gig SSD in basic enclosure. These are formatted as Fat32 on a mac.

I updated the firmaware today, i think it made it worse. Any ideas?


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After a couple of reboots it seems stable now. I also re-formatted the USB to exFAT as the hardware now supports it.

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On a mac you can use Mac Os journaled (HFS+ )


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