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Is the signal always analog when using DJM S7 in phono?

Hi, I got a DJM-S7 a while ago,  so far I haven't had any issues and I really
love playing real vinyl most of the time. During the use I had a couple of doubts and I wanted to ask them. 1) When used with real vinyl, does the signal remain analog until
it comes out the main output or does it transform to digital at some
point? 2) If I use the mixer on phono, could it be considered an analog mixer? Greetings from Chile!
Francisco Barrales Godziek

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No, as all modern PioneerDJ mixers, the S7 is a digital mixer. Each input signal is converted to digital, then all the sound processing is applied and in the last step the signal is converted back to analog.

So even if you are not using any effects, your phono signal will undergo an analog-digital-analog conversion.

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