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When Are GC Backorders for DDJ-1000 Going to Ship???

I purchased a DDJ-1000 6 months ago now and the estimated date has been pushed out another two months! When I ask Guitar Center about fulfillment they say you are not communicating anything with them on when new units will arrive. When will these units ship? Chip shortage is not the problem here because I see posts ranting about DDJ-1000 fulfillment on here from 2018! This is even more of a shady business practice because your more expensive items are shipping. I received my CDJ-3000 5 months ago and still don't have a way to use it. Likely hundreds or thousands of your customers' passions are currently on hold here while we wait with zero communication back and something tells me it's because we've been deprioritized. When will Guitar Center receive more 1000 units???

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I'm sorry, but yes - it is supply chain issues. Any delivery complaints from 2018 would have been from the initial demand as the unit was announced in 2018, so that's hardly a reasonable comparison.

More expensive items are not more available than other units; DJMs and CDJs are sold out in the US and Canada.

There have been no "prioritizations" and equally, no "deprioritizations." Stock is shipping out to dealers as quickly as we can make them and get them over the Pacific.

I'll direct you to ask your dealer for their expected timelines, but they seldom know as delivery dates keep changing thanks to production shutdowns at factories in China.

Thank you for your patience, we hope to be able to sell you product soon.

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