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DDJ-RZX now crashing at every gig I play

Hi there,

Unfortunately, my RZX has now crashed at 3 gigs I have played at over the past month.

A year ago, it was only once every now and then, but the situation has now become a too bigger concern.

With the exception of last night, the controller would emit a loud, very high pitched sound through the speakers. Turning Rekordbox off didn't stop the sound, so I can only conclude it was the hardware. Needless to say, every time it happens, it clears the dancefloor within seconds. Turning the controller off sorted the problem out, however the damage is already done by now. 

This can happen 1 hour, 2 hours into the set (sometimes more), however it happens randomly and without any warning. 

Last night however, the malfunction went to a new level - The first time it has happened twice in an evening. The first time (90 minutes in)  it was the usual high pitched sound. The second time (3 hours in), all I did was disconnect my headphones from the jack socket. Immediately after I did this, a very loud, constant 'feedback-like' sound (not high pitched this time) shot through the speakers. I haven't cleared a dancefloor twice in one session - Something I won't be putting on my resume...  

I am now seasoned in what to do in these events as it has happens so often, however once again, the damage had been done to the dancefloor - the night was going off at the time of the second malfunction :( .

To top it off, I had an objection rise from the management about being paid for my efforts last night due to these events. This just can't happen.

I'm assuming it's a trip to a Pioneer service centre to take a look at this, but was asking if any of you guys and girls have had the same experience with the RZX.

I really don't want to get rid of it and move to the competitor, but this just can't go on - Too many times now.

Any help would be really appreciated.



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Oh, one more thing...

To add to this, the RZX decided to cut out the master volume at a random time at the gig, therefore cutting out all sound through the PA system. Unsure if this is a Rekordbox issue, byut regardless, more troubles with my troubled piece of kit.

(No crash reports available, as the software didn't actually crash)



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