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Rev 7 sample Pad not working

I got my Rev 7 4/28 and I called Pioneer the same day because the right side (bottom right) sample doesn't trigger anything when you hit it. If I hit the TOP right pad it triggers both the top and bottom pad in all modes (sample, Hot cue, Roll etc.). Pioneer replied 4/29 and recommended I update firmware, serato software, and reset midi in serato. I even download a file they requested from my computer and sent to the email. I did all of that and I still have the same results. I thought It could be my mac so I tried it with 2 different Mac's with different operating system. I try it with a windows PC and they all do the same thing. I replied to my trouble ticket email with videos and requested help several times. I called almost everyday last week with no reply from Pioneer since 4/29. Call center just takes my info over and over again and says they are escalating it to the warranty department. 

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I have responded to your ticket; please see the message there.

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