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DDJ1000 cant control Rekordbox on PC



im struggling to be honest. THe following is the case for me:


When i connect the DDJ to my Computer it 95% of the time doesnt let me control anything in rekordbox, it just stays in sleep mode and the midi Page on rb isnt clickable. If i unplug it it says DDJ1000 is dicosnnected. Weirdly enough it works absolutely perfectly fine on 2 laptops, just not on my Desktop (it used to run fine 2 years)


What i did:


Installed Windows over 20 times now

installed drivers (any version i could find from oldest to newest) to see if it works, if it didnt i installed new Windows


updated to any firmware i could find


Installed any version of rekordbox i could find


checked 3 different cables on each USB port including an external pci-e USB card (all 3 cables work on both laptops)


Bought new computer


Stll no change. i checked Device Manager, all good, uninstalled everything in there related to the DDJ, installed it again, even ran just fresh new windows with only rekordbox plus drivers, even bought the core plan. NO CHANGE. 


Pls dont tell me the DDJ is broken because its working ABSOLUTELY fine on 2 different laptops 100% of the time. same drivers, same firmware, same windows, same cable same everything.


i tried everything you put as solution at least 10 times, it gets recognized within windows everywhere completely fine.


If it works in 5% of the time it works perfectly fine for 20+ hours DJing nonstop. 





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