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FLX 6 Disconecting it self? + Freezing+Crashing

since buying the new FLX6 With Rekordbox 6, i have had nothing but problems, im runing a pavilion HP notebook 15 pc


Windows 10 Home 64-bit  Version: 19044.1706

AMD A8-4555M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics   



i have used this laptop for a while with rekordbox 5 attached with CDJS and other DDJs and never ever had an issue, you guys really need to make flx6 compatable with rekordbox 5,


my issues are freezing and crashing, sending my CPU really high once the controller is plugged in.

a new problem developed with the FLX6 this weekend, when it decided to keep disconecting it self from rekordbox 6.

again " rekordbox 5 never had these problems"

i have tried different wires, restarting the laptop and so on but its still doing it, sometimes it can do 4-5 hours without a problem, some days it takes half hour untill an issue?

i have followed emails from you guys and did what you said and still the same problems?

please can you sort something to get flx 6 working with rekordbox 5, my mates DDJ 1000 is doing the exact same as my FLX6 with the disconecting issue and his has a mac pro

Attached are 2 photos, low cpu is without them plugged in and high cpu is with them plugged in ( them being the flx6)

rhhys duce

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