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Pioneer DDJ 400 Rekordbox: CUE not working properly

I bought a Pioneer DDJ 400 about a month ago. For this I use the software rekordbox. Since last night, the CUE button for previewing the next song through the headphones does not work correctly. When I press the button, it lights up as usual, but the second song is additionally also played via the master output and not only via the headphones. I did not make any change in rekordbox as the error also appeared in the middle of my session.

I still have Windows 10 on my laptop and have not had a system update in the past few days.

I have additionally installed the software Virtual DJ and perceived the same error there. In addition, I installed rekordbox on my girlfriend's Macbook and tried this with my Pioneer DDJ 400. Here the error also occurred.

Does anyone know the problem and can help me?



Dennis Schneider

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