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DD-400 not functioning after windows 11 upgrade

Dear all,

I have used my DDJ-400 (6 months old) for a couple of months with a lot of joy on my Windows Surface Laptop (8th gen Intel i5).

Since my laptop has upgraded to windows 11, it does not work anymore with rekord boxbox (only the blue button on the middle is on) The other lights stay off). Things i have tried and ruled out:

1. Reinstall Recordbox
2. check for driver upgrades/bios. There are none. And i don't have an 11th gen intel processor.
3. remove/disable other audio sound controllers (realtek a.o.) and restart.
4. every potential sequene of starting up, pluggin in the cable, removing other USB devices, rekordbox first/last.
5. make sure it is not primary sound device.

(steps 2-5 i have done before and after reinstalling rekordbox)

Things i noticed that might reveal somehting is not working well:

1. DDJ-400 is listed twice as a controller in Device Manager (i have removed either of those, doesn't have an impact on functioning. They both come back upon restart/plugging in)
2. DDJ-400 is listed in rekordbox only as WAsapi. not as ASIOS.

This is how far i've come. Any advice is much appreciated, as the DDJ-400 suddenly has changed from a very cool toy, into expensive plastic.

Best, Rogier

Rogier Rooswinkel Répondu

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