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Serato Pro + DDJ-SB3 distortion/popping noise

Whenever I change BPM and use key lock with the DDJ-SB3 connected, there is a popping/clicking sound. Not very loud, but loud enough to be annoying and mess up the song. It sounds like I'm playing the song off of an old record. The sounds show up at the same place every time at a given speed. It's not the mp3 files, those sound great.

Weird thing is if I connect my laptop directly to the speakers, and play using Serato DJ Pro, it sounds fine. So, the software can produce sound without these problems, but will not when I plug it up to the controller.

I see multiple reports of this problem going back six years especially on Reddit.  Apparently it hasn't been fixed yet.  It's only a problem when the controller is connected, the software changes the BPM with keylock just fine on it's own.

Serato DJ Pro Version 2.5.12
Windows 10
CPU usage is low

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Have you tried a new USB cable?  Sometimes the power draw from the cable can cause a sound interference.

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