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We djay android half a sec latency help

So i just got the ddj200 and  noticed there is at least half a second latency making mixing impossible ,flick the fader takes half a sec same with the 2 channel faders. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and a note 9 same issue ,cross dj is instant zero latency and algorithm dj is instant with zero latency aswell.i beg you guys update the app to fix this 

The latency is on the 2 volume faders and the main fader making using it impossible for perfect mixing.

Paul Ayres

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Bump for some help ,when will the app be optimised for android use so it works on modern android handsets with no latency.just read the reviews on the google play store there all saying the same that's its unusable due to the delay latency in the fader the play button and the 2 volume channel sliders.that app could be amazing if it worked without lag.ease update the app,

Ps algorithm djay, mixxvibes cross and edjaying mix all work with the ddj200 perfectly without any latency at all.

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