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DJM S-11 customer support REPOST

I posted this exact question over a month ago, got absolutely no support from Pioneer, and then my post was blocked from further comments by Pioneer. This is after I have sent in a BBB complaint about my issue and got no response from Pioneer. Here is my original post:

DJM S-11 customer support

Hi, I have had my DJM-S11 in a warranty repair center for over 6 (7 now) months, with no knowledge of when it will get fixed. I have tried calling the repair shop dozens of times and have gotten nowhere. I have called the Pioneer number to request assistance 6 times and have never gotten a response from anyone, even though each time they promise to reply "within 24 to 72 business hours" (ticket #'s 334287 and #292811). Please help, my DJ career has been completely ruined because of this entire episode and all I want to do is get back to my passion. 


I am begging you Pioneer to help me here. I no longer have any income from DJing and all I want is just to get back my product that I spent thousands of dollars on. Please, anyone, I need help here. The repair shop that has my mixer repeatedly has told me they have ordered the parts but I have no way of knowing that is true. I need parts: DEC3912, DEC3913, and DEC3938 but I have absolutely no idea if even that is correct. If you have any decency as a company please just send me a working DJMS11 so that I might finally be done with this nightmare.

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Your post from May 24th was closed because you had a ticket open; forum posts are not the channel for this communication so it was closed (same as this will be).

I can't speak to the delay on the ticket as it appears it's now assigned to the service manager, and your existing tickets have all been merged into 334287.

I apologize on everyone's behalf for the repairs taking so long, unfortunately this is due to the supply chain issues we've faced in obtaining not just the parts, but the components to fabricate those parts at our factories. The expected delivery dates kept sliding and I understand your frustration with the amount of time you've been without your mixer.

I've asked that the service team provide an update on your ticket, please check for that today.


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