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Dropbox / Rekordbox


I've been using dropbox and RB for a while, but not as part of the integrated function. It used to be quite ok, besides starting online-only tracks needed to load a bit longer. Now, this function is not been working since I've updated to Monterey OS.

I do see the convenience of having the integrated function (and cloud button), but I'm a bit stuck because RB strictly wants to make a duplicate folder of all the tracks, rather than choosing my (enormous "TB-rex") Dropbox folder of music as the source.

Any tips regarding this?
Also, I believe the cloud system has a lot of potential, yet needs a few more improvements.

Btw, there are so many topics on DB/RB6 sync this and that, and I found it better to open a new...

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I'm a bit confused - you say the "TB-rex" Dropbox folder is your music source; if the music is imported to rekordbox from a Dropbox source, it wouldn't move or copy the files. Can you confirm / clarify?

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