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Sound drop outs with rekordbox 5.8.7 and Pioneer Interface 2

Hi there,

Im am using the following configuration:

- Macbook pro 2019 with Intel Core i5 and MacOs Big Sur

- Pioneer Interface 2

- rekordbox 5.8.7 with DVS activated


Everything works fine BUT sometimes when I am playing music with the timecode vinyls (without any tricks, effects etc) the sound has dropouts for 1-2 seconds. Mostly this happens when I start my set and I will have 2-4 dropouts. Later there will be no problems.


Any idea?

Thank you. 


Georgios Tsakiridis Répondu

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@Pulse many thanks. Just checked the INTERFACE2-app and it was the 4.0.0 version. Just downloaded the 4.0.1 version. Will check this at the weekend and let you know.


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