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MP 3 Tools and more, 2022 edition

Made the final transition from Windows to a M1 Macbook Pro and wanted to check if there were some updates on the old (MP3 Tools & More post).

1a. Pulse, do you still use MP3val? I actually mostly use AIFF files but some MP3s downloaded from beatport are checked with MP3val, MP3s created by EZ CD Audio converter are not.

1b. Do you have a 2022 Mac alternative for EZ CD Audio converter?

2. What's your 2022 alternative for Tag & Rename on Mac?

3. What's your 2022 alternative for Backup&Sync on Mac? I need an intelligent backup program as my main library is external (mostly consisting of full CDs) and a subset of it gets synced and backed up on my laptop's hard disc (the selected songs of these full CDs or all downloaded tracks for a given month).



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I can't speak for all the points you have asked about but as a Mac user I would recommend: 

2. Metadatics as Tag & Rename alternative 
3. Chronosync software for backing up. My RB library is on a SandDisk external SSD portable hard drive and I use Chronosync to back this up to other drives, it does incremental backup and you can basically backup to any other source be that a laptop drive or other external drives. 

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