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DDJ-SB3 Controller won't show up in Serato DJ


I've been trying to get my DDJ-SB3 to start working with Serato DJ lite. I have a speaker output and headphones, the USB cable turns on the controller (lights appear), and when I plug it in Serato tells me it's connecting the SB3 and will take a minute.

However, there is no functionality with the controller and I'm trying to figure out why. The decks do not show up in Serato, and none of the buttons work. There is no audio output either when I change the MIDI setup to have the DDJ as the primary device. When I remove the controller, sound will play out of my Mac speakers.

Some info:

- Mac OS Monterey

- I believe newest drivers are installed

If anyone could provide assistance here it would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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See your ticket for assistance. Thank you.

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