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Help with syncing playlists via the cloud.

Hi there, I'm in a DJ duo and we just upgraded to the cloud. My partner has the main computer we were using with tracks and I can see all the playlists and everything uploaded to the cloud which is awesome! The only thing i'm wondering is if I wanted to work in one of the playlists and move a track/hot cues etc around, how does it show up on his comp and vice versa? We've tried changing stuff, but i'm not sure if there is a publish button so it will change across all devices. I also wanted to know if there was a refresh button in rekordbox to see changes as they happen. 




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So long as the rekordbox cloud app is in the task tray, it's running, updating in realtime. I've seen changes propagate as quickly as 10 seconds, but usually it's around 30s-1min.

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