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DDJ-200 - rekordbox troubles

When I connect the ddj-200 via usb to my windows 10 PC, rekordbox does not recognize my controller.

Upon connecting it flashes all the buttons 3 times in waves and then the lights dim but the "midi light" flashes 

My routing is controller to front usb port on my pc. splitter cable into my audio port, splitter cable to desktop speakers and headphones

I've tried plugging into a different USB port on my keyboard and restarting my computer. I am running Rekordbox 5.8. Rekordbox 6.0 would not install for me. The issue recently started, I was using my DDJ-200 just fine for 2 days and tonight it stopped working. I have left it plugged in and noticed the lights stay on when I sleep my computer.

Cristian Bejarano

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